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Friday, October 28, 2011

Why Choose Attachable Breast Forms?

How you look can have a positive or negative impact on how you feel and whether or not you are confident with your appearance. For those who lack confidence in their physical appearance, enhancements such as attachable breast forms can boost your self-esteem and create the natural look you truly desire. Why make an alteration to your physical look that's permanent when you don't have to?

Attachable breast forms are a physical enhancement solution for those who cross-dress, are transgender and/or suffer from breast cancer. There are several reasons why an individual would desire to enhance the look of their breasts. However, not all breast forms provide a natural look that creates the realistic illusion of having larger, natural breasts.

One of the main reasons an individual would desire to use attachable breast forms to enhance their physical appearance is because surgery isn't an ideal solution. Surgery is not only an expensive method for enhancing breast size, but it is also much more permanent. Using an attachable breast form can create the same visual affect and even mimic the feel of having real breasts, thanks to the ultra-thin silicone membrane used.

It's possible to have the natural looking breasts you desire with attachable breast forms. Why surgically alter your body when you can get the results you desire without doing so? Start feeling confident in your physical appearance- no matter your need for larger, natural looking breasts, attachable breast forms can help you achieve your desired look.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Breast Prosthesis is a Simple and Risk-Free Way to Get the Ideal Body

We can't all be born with the natural figure we deserve. This humbling fact can leave many women feeling inadequate with their bodies, particularly their bust size. While celebrities show off their seemingly perfect figure as they parade around on reality TV shows and morning programs, it can be disheartening to find yourself trying to compare your body to theirs and feeling like you're coming up short. Many feel that surgery is the only answer to their troubles, but there is an alternative method to physical perfection.

A form of prosthetic treatment often overlooked by the masses, breast prosthesis has become one of the approachable and affordable ways to achieve the ideal physical form. Surgery can be an incredibly expensive, and often risky, solution to one's body woes. We've all heard those nightmare stories about botched body augmentation or poorly performed operations that leave breasts looking unnatural and unpleasant. Unlike the common surgical approach, prosthetic breast forms can not only get that body you've always wanted but do so risk-free.

So how does it work? Forgoing the need for sub-dermal implants, these prosthetic breast enhancers are attached via medical adhesives which gently but firmly attach the forms onto a woman's chest. Made of only the finest silicone materials, this breast prosthesis not only looks genuine but also retains natural body heat. The result is an emphasized bust that not only appears natural but also feels like actual skin as well.

Breast enhancers are available in a wide range of cup sizes and can be custom tailored for the wants and needs of the consumer. The ideal breast form is intended to look as natural as possible while still maintaining the authenticity of real breasts. Forms can be designed with custom skin tones, minor imperfections such as freckles, and other small details to help the prosthesis to blend perfectly with the wearer's body. Perfect for evening wear or just running errands, these enhancements are perfectly comfortable as well as convincing.

At the end of the day, the breast forms are removed and placed onto their storage form for safe keeping. With proper maintenance and cleaning, these durable forms with continue to offer temporary and painless breast augmentation for a long time to come. A stress-free alternative to surgical procedure, temporary breast prosthesis allows the user to decide when and where they want to seek out that extra bit of confidence.

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Four Reasons to Use Breast Enhancers

It's a fact; people care about looks.  Caring about your appearance does not make you shallow.  It makes you human.  The popularity of cosmetic surgeries and alterations has risen, yet the prices for such procedures remain high, stimulating a number of parties to search for alternative methods of alteration, such as breast enhancers.  Why would a woman consider breast enhancers?  Consider the following information.
Most ladies desire an hourglass shape, one allowing for appropriate proportions regarding areas above and below the waist.  There's a number of natural ways to alter one's appearance, such as exercise, yet a drastic change in proportion warrants surgery or breast enhancers.  Sometimes our naturally-given proportions are something we would wish to change.  Now you can.
Passing of Time
Many women desire the breast shape of younger years.  As time passes, gravity influences body parts, making some breasts lack the desired "perkiness" exhibited in younger years.  For those who have children, the effect of time gets worse.  When a woman becomes pregnant, breasts fill with milk in preparation for child rearing.  The phenomenon leaves breasts saggy and a bit shriveled in the wake of pregnancy, creating a suitable occasion for breast enhancers.
Nature does not always create completely symmetrical body parts.  This is true for feet, hands, arms, legs, breasts, and other parts.  Uneven breasts could be a source of anxiety, social discomfort, or complete depression.  As referenced in the intro, people care about their looks.  Physical appearance influences other aspects of life.  Those with asymmetrical breasts may seek breast enhancers, correcting visual balance and proportion.
Aside from sexual appeal and visual difference, many women seek breast enhancers for clothing purposes.  Smaller breasts may make it difficult to find sexually-appealing clothing.  Women with larger breasts often report an enhanced enjoyment in shopping because of the wider selection of body-appropriate clothing options.


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Better Understanding the Crossdresser Population

Whether it is a touchy or seemingly taboo social topic, many people do not seek clarification regarding what it means to be a crossdresser, transvestite, or transsexual individual.  In some cases, the terms overlap, and in other ways, the words are mutually exclusive.  Understanding proper terminology shows respect for different populations of people.  We are all people, but being unique is important.  Read on to better understand what it means to be a crossdresser.

To start, there is still some debate and sensitivity related to the objectivity of terms.  The purpose of the article is to help people better understand what it means to be a crossdresser and in no ways implies insult or objection to the lifestyles and beliefs of any individuals.

Let's explore the term transgender, which is loosely understood to signify a person who feels their sex is different from the one provided at birth.  A transgendered person may have genitalia aligning them with a particular sex, yet associate psychologically and otherwise with the opposite sex.  It has been described as feeling as if a person is in the "wrong body."  A crossdresser may be a man at birth and have male genitalia, yet dresses and acts as a woman because they truly believe that is their proper orientation.

A crossdresser typically wears clothing commonly associated with the opposite sex.  For instance, it's common to see women wearing dresses but not men.  A male crossdresser may choose to don dresses or other clothing articles traditionally aligned with women.  In some cases, "transgender" may signify a person who has undergone a sex change.  In this case, a crossdresser, maintaining original genitalia may not self label as a "transgender" individual.

It may also be offensive to label someone a "drag queen."  It's loosely understood drag queens are males who dress as women for the purpose of entertainment.  Shows may take place at casinos, nightclubs, and other venues.  Shows may be assembled to entertain people of all sexual orientations.

A female crossdresser, dressing as a man, may be labeled a "drag king."  Like drag queen shows, drag king shows are popular around the nation and meant for the entertainment of individuals of all sexual orientations.

The term, "transsexual" has recently gained the reputation of an outdated and possibly insulting label.  The latter reception may be due to the term being present in literature where transgendered or crossdresser behavior is labeled as negative or socially unacceptable.

It's best to discuss the lifestyles and "labels" on a case-by-case basis.  Some terms can be hurtful to specific individuals.  Each person deserves the respect of others.  It's encouraged to do more research on crossdressers to better understand their behavior and lifestyle choices.


Monday, October 3, 2011

Opt for Cyber Window Shopping

We're proud to offer our transgender product to customers.  It's a convenient alternative to shopping in physical shops.  Online shoppers can readily find discounted prices on transgender products at the convenience of any web-ready location.

Where are you right now?  With laptops, cell phones, and other mechanisms allowing for Internet access, you could be just about anywhere.  Do you have the time to do some shopping?  Save time, shopping from home, the bus, the backseat, or wherever.  In-store shopping is fun and has its advantages; but, shopping online for your transgender product is a greater convenience.

You may scoff at some prices attached to in-store transgender products.  Browsing boutiques and brick-and-mortar specialty shops may lighten your savings but there is an alternative.  Shopping online often affords better bargains.  Online vendors, selling breast forms and other items of transgender interest, offer lower prices, enabled by the absence of rent, employee wages, utility bills, and other costs associated with operating a brick-and-mortar business.   Online vendors can pass the savings along to consumers.

Sometimes consumers desire discretion that in-store purchases can't provide.   In other cases, it's just inconvenient to lug around a bunch of bags.  In either case, it's more practical and easier to leverage online purchasing options.  There's no need for awkward in-store-purchase moments or the toting of boxes and bags any further than your front door.

Are you seeking a natural-looking breast alternative?  Do you want to learn more about our unique product?  Address attention to our homepage, further explaining our transgender product.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Natural Looking Big Breast Forms

Breast forms have a number of useful functions for women and cross-dressing men. Breast forms are most commonly used after mastectomy, typically a result of cancer. However, many women desire larger looking breasts to enhance their sexual appeal when wearing low-cut tops or for formal occasions. There are male cross-dressers who feel more confident in their appearance by natural looking breasts. Regardless of the specific reason or desire, natural looking big breast forms can help to achieve your desired look.

Mastectomy is the operation performed to help treat women and men, who are suffering from breast cancer. Either part of or the entire breast is removed to eliminate cancerous tissue in the area it's contained. Breast forms help patients to cope with the loss of their breast and to still look natural until they are able to have plastic surgery, for those who can.

There are many women who desire larger breasts, which is sure to please many men as well. Whether it's succumbing to the cultural pressures and stereo types that larger breasts are best, women are spending more money today than ever enhancing their breasts. A larger percentage a men say they desire natural breasts over implants, though with natural looking breast forms you can still achieve the look and get convincingly close with the feel.
Natural looking big breast forms help male cross-dressers to feel confident in their figure, while drawing attention to their chests. Breast forms provide the illusion of a large and desirable bust. With a number of skin tones and make-up enhancers, it's possible to achieve great looking cleavage that looks natural.

For an enhanced, natural looking bust, big breast forms can help anyone achieve the perfect look for their desires.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

MyRealBreast.com Offers Lifelike, Unique Attachable Breast Forms

Finally, lifelike attachable breast forms are available!  Whether you're crossdressing, a transgender individual, or desire an increase in breast size, our breast forms are one-of-a-kind.  Being lifelike, our products are offered in an array of skin tones including fair, medium, tan, Asian, and light and dark African.  If our shades are not an exact match, you can custom blend the attachable breast forms using blushes, make up powders, or alcohol-based body inks.

We provide individual breasts or one-piece attachable breast forms.  The individual attachable breast forms provide the owner with more control, making placement easy.  The one-piece forms require more skill regarding application but provide a seamless illusion to onlookers, making them optimal for low-cut tops as well as creating the illusion of cleavage.

There was a time when crossdressers and transgender individuals had to make the best of poorly-made and unrealistic-looking attachable breast forms but not anymore!  Our breast forms can be used each day with proper maintenance and cleansing.  Our breasts were designed with extreme realism in mind, creating a grand illusion for onlookers!

Our attachable breast forms are the best on the market!  Unlike inferior products, our products become a visible and tactile body part, looking completely real rather than "stuck on" breast imitations.  The look and feel of our silicone breasts is the closest you can get to the real thing without undergoing expensive (and potentially painful) surgeries.

There's more!  We can custom color and shape nipples according to your wishes for a minute additional fee.  Do you have more questions?  Go to the FAQ section of our attachable breast forms site or give our friendly staff a call.  We're sure you will love your new silicone breasts!  There's nothing else like them out there!  We know; our customers tell us all the time!